Voyage Salt Finesse Lite


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Voyage Salt Finesse Lite

Salt Finessess LITE


The BONE Voyage Salt Finesse LITE travel rod comprises of six new models added to the line-up. Each of these models feature a carbon solid tip section for added sensitivity and an upgraded 100% ‘TORAY’ feather-light carbon blank that was built specifically for extreme light saltwater game scenario. The lighter specification models were made for use with polyester or light game PE lines, and is perfect for micro soft plastics and jigs, while the slightly heavier specification models can be used with smaller hardbody lures or light jigs. The longer lengths enables usage in shore based application. Equipped with the FUJI SKSS/ASH reel seats and FUJI TITANIUM AT guides that keep the rod minimal and light in weight, as well as increasing its sensitivity to the touch. 



Rod Bone BVS604XULG Spin Travel 4pc 6ft PE0.1-0.3


Rod Bone BVS644ULG Spin Travel 4pc 6ft4inch PE0.1-0.3


Rod Bone BVS704LG Spin Travel 4pc 7ft PE0.4-0.8


Rod Bone BVS704ULG Spin Travel 4pc 7ft PE0.1-0.5


Rod Bone BVS734LG Spin Travel 4pc 7ft3inch PE0.4-0.8


Rod Bone BVS774MLG Spin Travel 4pc 7ft7inch PE0.4-1.2